The invention of self, god is alone


20x30cm 30x45cm LE 50x75cm LE 75x113cm LE 100x150cm
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Limited editions (LE) are hand-signed, stamped and numbered on the front, open editions signed and stamped, 180gsm paper, LEs have 10cm (4in) white padding around the specified print dimensions, OEs have 5cm (2in) and are sold framed.

Limited edition of 35 prints total across dimensions as follows:

20 prints at 50 x 75 cm (≅ 20 x 30 in), numbered as x/20
10 prints at 75 x 113 cm (≅ 30 x 45 in), numbered as x/10
5 prints at 100 x 150cm (≅ 40 x 60 in), numbered as x/5

Letter “x” in the edition number is replaced by the current number in the given edition. Limited edition numbers are final, no prints will be added after the edition sells out, guaranteed by the artist.
Framed OE posters shipped in a box, LEs shipped in a cardboard tube to prevent damage.


20x30cm, 30x45cm, LE 50x75cm, LE 75x113cm, LE 100x150cm

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